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Warriors Know Their History...

On the heels of writing my WWE Women's History Blog ( I was unexpectedly blessed to be met with a piece of my own. It had been a chaotic week with a lot of balls in the air. I never nap during the day but a week of no sleep cashed in its chips and I folded into a little shut eye. Coming to and looking at my phone, checking the time, there was a text from a different time entirely. I smiled ear to ear having finally heard from my long lost friend, Terri Runnels AKA WWE Diva, Marlena. Terri is the first friend I ever made in WWE. Her daughter, Dakota, whom I called Kitty Cat, was my introduction to the absolute adoration I could feel for a child who wasn't even mine :). It had been twenty years since I'd seen Terri, and then only in too quick passing at Raw 25. I immediately text her back and she asked for a brief call which I immediately answered. Terri has a podcast: Cigars, Scars, and Superstars and was wondering if I'd be a guest...the next night!! There is nothing I would not do for my friends and I was honored to be asked so, of course, I cleared my schedule to make way for my golden pal! It was everything Terri and I could do not to chat one another up, keeping it first and fresh for the audience. Still, all day Friday I was anticipating catching up with a person who truly knew Warrior and me "when". I thought about times we spent together in the locker-room and how we bonded with so many laughs, endless girl talk, and tag team marveling over her tiny, precious daughter; my little Kitty Cat. The podcast call came Friday night and it was as if years melted away. There was not so much as a hiccup from then to now. Terri, along with her awesome team of Corey and Lindsay, peppered me with the most insightful questions. Their queries recollected memories in me I'd forgotten to remember. In the safe space of a historical friendship I share never before explored history of Warrior, the Goldust/UW program, and the life our family lived together. Terri is the first person ever to inquire about our first date. In my mind, recalling it to her, I was transferred back in time to the place and every emotion I felt; it was magical. I won't ruin the fun of an honest to goodness surprise by writing what you can hear for yourself tomorrow! There will be laughs and tender moments uncovered about Warrior that will make him, as Terri said, all the more "Ultimate". I believe in knowing history and knowing your history. I believe in long lost friends and finding them. I believe in kindness from the start and gracious, welcoming, acceptance. I believe you never forget those people sewn into your heart who had nothing to "gain" but saw you, yourself, as the ultimate gain. I believe we are, throughout history, an unexpected web of golden goodness...Always!!! xo✨💛d ✨ 

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