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Warriors Are On The Road...

On the last straightaway to Wrestlemania 2018 in NOLA I figured a final blog was in order. There will be some interruption in our regular publishing schedule so I'm checking in ahead to give my love and thanks. We have been on a road together that began nearly four years ago. We didn't know one another, as we do now, and yet we were always connected. Loyalty, above any other attribute, means the world to me. I respect loyalty, even if I'm not the recipient of said loyalty because it speaks to a basic, core, integrity. You Warriors were ultimately loyal to a man who loved you with an unwavering affection. In his career it was YOU who gave him super-hero strength with your ability to Always Believe. The Ultimate Warrior had his Peter Parker roots as a self described, "skinny kid, going nowhere fast...voted least likely to succeed by my graduating class.". Warrior, as a man, eradicated a generational curse by changing his legal name to Warrior, giving me that name when he took my hand in marriage, and left that precious legacy, in the namesake of his daughters. People mocked him for this choice but he didn't care. Something in his spirit knew we might share blood with others but never again a name. Our family's trajectory was forever changed by his bold choice. I am forever grateful and a Warrior in name, as well as spirit. Not a human being among us is perfect. Not me, not you; not Warrior. Still, the evolution he made in his lifetime is monumental and vast. The spirit of all he championed is the legacy he leaves. Additionally, the growth and changes made in his life are commendable. His daughters were as much his teachers as he was their's. It takes a true Warrior to endeavor to learn and grow. Likewise, it takes evolved souls to accept another's evolution; and applaud it. The returning road to Wrestlemania in New Orleans has scuffed my boots a little. I'm sad lately. Four years feels the most final number I've counted. But I'm also filled with resolution and hope...God willing my road ahead is a long one and I intend to slay it, in pink, sparkly fashion! I look forward to seeing those of you who will be in New Orleans. Please make a point to say hello! For those of you watching on WWENetwork, please be sure to interact over social media so I can still FEEL YOUR POWER too!!! We will host #AskDana all the way through so don't be afraid to Ask...I don't bite...well....;) Speaking of being bitten...I want to thank the most loyal of warriors, my Mother, the girls' Uncle, Moxy's godfather, Steve "Stove" Wilton for his absolutely unwavering loyalty, support, hard work, and belief. Steve was the one who told me I could not only carry on Warrior's legacy, but expand it in meaningful ways. For all my small lady swagger, I'm just a person...I had my doubts...Steve refused to buy into them. Thank you, Steve. The girls and I love you. The Ultimate Warrior ran down his road, shook the ropes of life, and fully lived. What greater thing to be able to see in one's rear view mirror traversing the road to Parts Unknown. I believe the #RoadToWrestlemania is lined with many stories I'd love to tell. I believe it's road trips that make those iconic, nostalgic, memories. I believe Warriors are wandering spirits, and as such, make a life on MANY roads... Always!!! xo🏎d  

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