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Reaching the four year mark of Warrior’s passing in New Orleans I found myself filled with resolution. The concept of “graduation” filled my spirit and emboldened my soul. Destiny does not deal in accidental encounters. There is a benevolent plan amidst the chaos of life; our challenge, as the living, is to seek our singular mission with lust!!! On the Smoothie King stage I said goodbye to my old life and let Warrior move entirely on to parts unknown. I think the reason that induction was so difficult was it was indeed a necessary full circle completion. This closing of one door opened another to the next loop of my OWN journey. Working in my capacity as WWE Ambassador has been the most rewarding aspect of my professional life. I have been employed since I was 14. Before I could join the workforce I cut grass, babysat, manned lemonade stands, and tried my hand at door to door sales in a soap making debacle that taught me my first lesson on investors and economics (lol, this is a story to tell at another time.). There is not a job I’ve thought beneath me and I’ve never done a job without adherence to absolute excellence. I’ve been promoted, given work accolades, and asked to stay on when I made a decision to try something new. These are things I cherish because they have built not only my work resume but also my life’s work. This Friday I am kicking off on my next loop with the launch of TOTAL WARRIORS in a special edition, LIVE podcast! TOTAL WARRIORS is born directly of YOU!!! Without the loyal Warriors and WWE Universe this exciting first step could not have been taken. I have been genuinely blessed to build a relationship with all of you and am thrilled to see our independent relationship grow as this tribe of TOTAL WARRIORS!!!

Everyone in the WWE Universe is invited to call; male, female, every era fan with eyes on nostalgia to modern roster fans! We encourage all ages because TOTAL WARRIORS is all about an ageless mentality...Vital, fresh, fun, happy!!! Please call us LIVE this Friday, May 4th 8pm ET at We can talk about anything we wish moving together down the next road in our journey. My desire is to be interactive with the vast WWE Universe so please utilize our social channels with #AskDana and #TOTALWARRIORS to be part of our monumental kick off!! Let’s talk sports entertainment, community service, training and workout, fitness goals and paths to get there, advice on life, love, parenthood, triumph!!

This is an ever evolving, interconnected vision where we co create as we go!! My goal is for this to be a place you visit and always come away feeling good!

TOTAL WARRIORS has a mission and it includes every single one of you!! I’m on a new path, one with untold fun and adventure!  All this vision needs to feel complete is YOU!!!

I believe road trips are vastly improved by the company brought along! I believe in braving an ULTIMATE new adventure! I believe in inviting this legion of TOTAL WARRIORS who fearlessly call, “shotgun”...ALWAYS!!!

xo d

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