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Warriors Rebuff Gossip...

Anytime I ever imagine I can form an opinion of another upon first meeting I am whopped upside the head with my foolishness. Underneath the first layer of any person is a fascinating truth about who they really are. It is easy to fall into the assumption a public face is the sum total of one’s truth. That, however, is a shallow perspective and one a mature mind does not embrace. I’m sometimes frustrated, for a brief moment, by strangers who pin their assessment of me on me; until I recall their opinion holds no place in my sacred space. When there are simple minded folks who can’t see past my blonde hair to my brain I don’t exert effort to correct them. This is energy I’d rather put into “doing” than “defending”. There is such a lot of misogyny in questions that are undeserving of answer. Ignoring those who want salacious gossip closes a door on folks not welcome in your home. Additionally, keeping company with others seeking a tribe of like minded warriors opens the window for those who have a story that inspires. Human nature might lean in to listen to garbage, but as warriors, we lean away. I’ve taught my daughters, from the start, never to listen to a story about a friend. I’ve armed them with a simple phrase, “I will not receive that.” when others charge down the path of telling unflattering tales. Indy recently reminded me how her sister rebuffed an adult family member in our home saying, “Wet’s not gossip” before she was old enough to even pronounce her L’s. Rag magazines of yesterday and the internet of today have allowed those without credibility the power to say anything they please. It’s up to those with greater minds, spirits, and hearts to root for our fellow warriors. It is unbecoming to assume (or maybe from the smallest part of ourselves “hope”) the worst is true. That is mean spirited. I do not answer to gossip but often wonder if those carrying it took a moment to do a cursory “background check”. Do folks who receive the “yuck” ever ponder the motivation of a person so in need of attention they are willing to step on another. There is so much latent envy and jealousy implied when another partakes in gossip. Often behind the mouth running is nothing more than a couch lounging lay about and a life lived as a n’er do well. Isn’t is laughable any of us should be beholden to answer gossip as to elevate it to the station we’ve fought hard to attain in life? If you listened to our maiden voyage of Total Warriors (now available on iTunes!) you heard Steve and I playfully recall my entrepreneurial spirit as a (however short lived) grade school door to door soap salesman. I’ve never been without work because I’m a hard worker (except for maybe my first year at Arizona State University lol)! I graduated with an English Lit degree but more importantly with a passion for words and stories...this has served me in every job I’ve taken, including my role as WWE Ambassador. I am privileged to have a platform to spread good news as well as remind others to rise in life to achieve their highest selves! I believe gossip informs us far more about the person spreading it than it ever does the target. I believe at a certain age it is unbecoming of a person who chooses to embrace the worst rather than expect the best. I believe as Warriors, it is our job to channel our inner Mattie and say, “Wet’s not gossip.”....Always!!! xo🌹d 

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