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Total Warriors:Take Two...

I could get used to spending my Friday nights with you Total Warriors!  

Heck, I seem to vaguely remember getting engaged (you’ll have to download on iTunes to hear the news for yourself ;) ! There’s a lot to be said for communing with like minded people who want to belong to a positive tribe. Our monthly check in seems just the right meeting spot; let’s keep it up as we roll into summer! It would be impossible to answer every question in our 90 minute window so your follow up queries are truly welcome. Using #AskDana I can track things missed and circle back in future episodes. I was so excited to hear from such a wide demographic focused on making ultimate choices in life. Above anything else we are people, human beings, and so we are always more alike than we are different. For all our singular strength and determination it is a nice respite to find council with others who validate our core beliefs. Likewise, it is a soul’s mission to be informed by new ideas or new ways of thinking and as such; evolve. I look forward to hearing how your fitness goals progress and how you’ve attacked your short, mid, and long term goals in the month to come. There’s a relief in having a “plan” in place. There’s tangible victory in small mile markers waving to you as you clear the hurdles of one part of your OWN relay race. I believe in being equal parts hard on oneself and internally kind. I believe the relationship you have with your mind and body instructs the happiness of your spirit. I believe in hard work, dedication, self reflection, and a brutally honest personal inventory. I believe you are all at once your OWN life’s cheerleader and quarterback; best throw a touchdown..ALWAYS!! xo🏈d Thank you for your phenomenal support! If you missed the show or feel it would benefit another please Visit iTunes download, listen, and rate Total Warriors ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you Dana Brooke! Find her new makeup Playtime is over at 💄 Thank you WWE for graciously supporting Total Warriors. 

Thank you Craig and Kara for being incredibly helpful and instructive! Thank you Steve Wilton for engineering and producing our podcast. 

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