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Warriors Embrace Change...

I hate change!!.. lol...I’m the absolute worst about change. I felt like crying when my nail lady moved away. I literally went into mourning when they cancelled All My Children. Even the Superstar shakeup had me shook...I am a creature of nostalgia and habit. I feel safe in the turbulence of life if able to count on the pillars of routine. Life is ever changing and as change or must be embraced. Change is often painful but ultimately, truly transformative. A year ago this summer I had to leave our family home and change my life entirely. It was the hardest and best thing I’ve done. The psychic weight lifted in that move opened doors for happy, new memories and routines. Living in this new home welcomed fresh creative energy for my writing and even new feline fur babies with the adoption of Pedigree and Blade. A year in and the fairy garden I’ve imagined for years grows out my bedroom window. Friends choose our little home as the favored gathering place. Sometimes uninvited change is exactly what must wipe its boots on our welcome mat and be asked in... I am a positive person but host dark moments too. There are times I feel victimized and question fairness and justice. Sometimes I want to turn my face to the heavens and shake small but angry fists with rage. When I get to this place something I read as a child comes to mind.  A butterfly must make its own way out of a cocoon and beat its OWN wings or it will die. Helping a butterfly emerge will actually kill it. I imagine those who love me from heaven cheer without interference as I discipline myself to keep up the fight! I will not cease beating my wings. No matter the pain of change I long for transformation. Who knows, I might emerge a better version of myself (perhaps with glitter laced, pink sparkly wings ;) Yes, fierce Warriors, you may choose a different visual but please...don’t stop fighting! I’m a huge believer in karma. When things don’t go my way I chalk it up to paying a karmic debt collected in full. I live with intention and awareness. I account for my personal inventory and recognize every action has a reaction. Making choices and changes with this in mind  supports the direction and drive  of attaining ULTIMATE goals. I believe an all loving, benevolent force has a destiny mapped for our greatest growth. I believe choices made move us ahead or hold us behind. I believe learning to quickly adapt to fluid situations is a vital tool for a warrior’s  belt. I believe you don’t have to like change but you must choose to embrace it...I believe change is the essence of an ever evolving spirit and the Warriors Way...Always! xo🦋d  

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