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Be A Warrior For All...

I never sought the life I have now. I was happy being a hidden figure behind a man so many loved and admired. That being said, I love my life now too. I have accepted this unexpected redirection. My mission is to be a warrior for all. One of the many reasons I love our US military and first responders is the fact they protect this homeland without prejudice. Our heroes protect and defend an unsegregated population of “We The People”. There is no discrimination against “who” they willingly shield. These brave warriors run in for every citizen with the belief of “One Nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice FOR ALL...”. For this, ahead of our country’s Independence Day, I wish to give heartfelt thanks. I feel called to stand strong the way our military and first responders do and abide by my OWN conscience. I have been given a brain, heart, and mission by our creator that was bequeathed uniquely and only to ME! As the years pass I continue to evolve and grow. This is the mission, I believe, of our souls at birth. We are guided by others who surround us too. I have always looked to this legion of warriors and the tribe of Total Warriors I’ve since assembled as a source of love and strength. It has been my greatest privilege to be given a leadership role by so many of you as we traverse this warrior path called life. It’s not only the accolades I consider. Some people do not read criticism; I am not one of them. I entertain the snarks and snipes for perspective. I am old enough not to be injured by ignorant statements, projections of envy/insecurity, or petty malice. I skim those and often laugh a little wondering why anyone would take a moment from their precious day to be so mean. I also say a prayer of goodness to the cruel. It’s an ugly thing to assign yourself the role of omniscient, caustic cynic as well as judge and jury. There are, though, the criticisms I’m willing to consider. Sometimes, in the shell of insult, there’s a sand grain of truth that becomes a pearl of growth. That’s never a bad thing. There are fans of UW and Warrior who will not agree with the person I am and that’s really ok. Just because I was married to Warrior does not mean I shared his every view. In fact, I’m a much different person than him; more different four plus years after his death. I know he respected me for my views and heart. Modern Marriage is not ownership. Women are not brainless property; not chattel. There’s both misogyny and hubris attached to the small minded who declare, “he wouldn’t have liked her work” or she “dishonors him with her views”... Really? Lol!!! LOL!!! LOLOLOLOLOL I mean, really???!! I got a chuckle out of one man projecting I would have been a “Denny’s waitress” had I not married my late husband. Number one, there’s an inherent snobbery in that comment I find disgusting. I’ve had various jobs in my life and waiting tables was one of the hardest. Had I been a waitress at Denny’s I would have ABSOLUTELY no shame. Hard work, whatever you do, is commendable. Waitresses and waiters are some of the hardest working people I know and I’m grateful for their excellence wherever I’m blessed to sit. Still, the premise of this statement is foolish ignorance. I graduated from Arizona State University at 21 with an English Lit degree and an emphasis minor on political science. I had a path for myself mapped ahead of the fateful day I met the father of my children. I didn’t know then, what I do now, but my mission was to be a warrior in my OWN right. A Warrior For ALL! Warriors do not discriminate based on the color of a person’s skin, their creed, their ethnicity, their socio economic status or their sexual orientation. Warriors do not build walls against humanity; they build bridges between us. I believe in the fierce principle of men and women fighting to the death for the preservation of innocence. I do not believe in the fight against love. A person cannot lump a community of consenting adults with predators or perversion. That is an immoral accusation and flagrantly wrong. Morality is a core belief that involves integrity, honestly, decency, kindness, and compassion. Morality isn’t about making blanketed judgments of others about things that are frankly absolutely none of anybody’s business. Human beings are all at once fragile and resilient. The human spirit is ultimately heroic but not impervious to injury and pain. We can choose to use our voice and speak to others with love rather than aggression, condemnation and hate. I’m not saying we won’t disagree but that disagreement need not come with vitriol. What if your voice is the only one a desperate soul hears? What if you chose words that made another cut the last string of hope in life? Be the voice of belief and positivity. Be a lifeline; not a last straw. Not everyone believes as you do; not everyone has been raised in the confines of your belief system. That they are “other” does not make them bad. Meeting people who are vastly different opens a world of expansion, new experience, and appreciation. It is ignorant to judge that which you do not know. Ignorance is, however, educable. Many “Absolutes” are absolutely flawed. I believe this warrior tribe of humanity is more alike than different. I believe in the expansion of our collective warrior citizenry. I believe in protecting the innocent and using one’s voice for advocacy. I believe everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion; but not mine. I believe a true warrior stands as a Warrior For All...ALWAYS!!! xo🐯d Cannot wait for the third edition of #TOTALWARRIORS LIVE FRIDAY THE 13th @ 8PM EST!! We will talk about TOTAL TRIUMPH and how you can overcome any adversity to achieve ULTIMATE Victory!!!! We might invite some Horror movie chat and ghost 👻 stories too Sooooo SAVE THE DATE and Goto instagram, FB, or Twitter now to #ASKDANA

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