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When anyone asks my favorite horror movie I say, “None of them!”!!! Although I grew up reveling in horror movies at sleepovers times change... One looks at those films through a slightly different lens having lived in a haunted house!! Being forced to send spirits away like scolded children when they’d make appearances like invited playmates was odd; enduring what became more malevolent after Warrior’s passing feels like war looking back. There was a time I may have been an absolute skeptic but having had close encounters with friends and foes from Parts Unknown I’ll skip paying for the cinematic re-enactment and simply invite you to join Total Warriors FT13TH 👻edition!! Thirteen was Warrior’s favorite number and became the wishing number for our family. It is the number we catch on the clock and count blessings and post wishes. When Friday the 13th showed itself on July’s calendar I thought Total Warriors needed to take it on!!! It has that very Good vs Evil vibe that emboldens we in this Warrior Tribe!! Plus, what’s more fun in Summer’s midst than gathering round the campfire with marshmallows roasting and ghost stories in the darkness from a faceless voice!! Join us this Friday the 13th where we will tell chill bump rIsing tales from the Warrior Girls childhood and Casa de Warrior before and after our Ultimate protector crossed into Parts Unknown. I’ll tell of the scariest battle royale I’ve ever heard and felt with each of my sleepless girls next to me. If you believed you could FEEL THE POWER of the Ultimate One in Life the electricity of his protection was supercharged from the other side. 

A bright light in my heart, NXT SUPERSTAR LACEY EVANS, will be with us ahead of her Tampa NXT LIVE Event to share her real life battle between Good VS Evil and how her intention for a life outside of hellish turmoil led her to a path of #TotalTriumph. Through Lacey’s story we shed light on the dark subject of physical and mental abuse as well as addiction. Her powerful commitment to ending a generational curse inspires the warrior fight in us ALL!! We will learn through her strength how she created a SUMMER all her OWN!!! #AskDana or #AskTarot when a dear friend shuffles her deck and learn from another energy warrior how to clear any malevolent attachments!! I believe good prevails, and white light is triumphant! I believe #TotalWarriors FT13TH edition will make you reconsider our connection to Parts Unknown...ALWAYS!!!! xo👻d 

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