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Total Warriors From Parts Unknown...

It’s such fun to take on unexplained phenomena. It feels a little like when ULTIMATE WARRIOR would seek counsel from “the gods”. There’s so much more to explore and speak about. I told our executive producer, my partner in otherworldly crime, Steve Wilton, we are like the new Scooby Doo reboot crew. My Brussels Griff, Mox, can be our more Chewbacca looking Scooby-Doo. With pals like Alia Moon, Herman Petrick, and NXT SUPERSTAR LACEY EVANS in the van how can we go wrong?!?? *insert any sort of laugh here you wish* ;)  

My intention is always to have a place of community, refuge, enlightenment, expansion, and positivity. We need not always agree...what fun is that, after all? We need only elevate one another’s passion and mission in life. We must build a place to simply “be”. What Warrior began we will evolve and expand... In this Tribe of... TOTAL WARRIORS!! I believe in a mission...and some fun along the way...ALWAYS!!!! xo⭐️d If you missed the Podcast download now on iTunes, listen and rate!! If you listened live and LOVED give us a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating on iTunes! To reach our guests visit them at: Alia Moon Herman Petrick NXT SUPERSTAR LACEY EVANS @laceyevans on instagram on Twitter Many thanks from Steve and myself to all who joined us and continue to download and support the show!! xo🙏🏻d 

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