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Warriors Are Easily Recommended...

Recently I have been asked to write several letters of recommendation. This is a time intensive task. Words are sacred and putting them to use in defining another’s character is serious business. I never write a letter of recommendation for a person in whom I don’t fully believe.  

I cannot describe how very meaningful the responses were to the letters I wrote. I forwarded the letter I wrote one young woman, applying for a masters program, to her mother. I told this mom that although the letter was one recommending her daughter SHE TOO should see it as a letter of recommendation for the job she’d done as a parent. This mom cried. One letter I wrote was for a woman who is Spanish speaking. We only communicate in Spanish but the letter was for an English speaking employer. I felt compelled to have her fully understand her recommendation so we translated it into a document she too could read. The glow she donned upon reading the value I place upon her character and work ethic was priceless. In truth, I’m not sure she has ever read, in a format such as that, the value she possesses. I’m proud she has now. This made me think...what if we wrote a letter of recommendation for the people we value most in our lives? What if we put into words how greatly they mattered, printed it out, and delivered it for their private validation. What if each of us took the time to tell another person why their lives mattered in the grand scheme of life as well as in our OWN? The things I treasure most are words written to me. In my box to grab in an emergency are photos, keepsakes the girls’ hands crafted, cards, notes, and love letters. There’s not a single item in that box that is store bought or could ever be replaced. This week I’m assigning every Warrior out there to write a letter of recommendation for someone who didn’t even ask. You are welcome to use this blog as the cover letter :) Please let me know where this assignment leads. I believe words are the way and words of encouragement carve the highest path. I believe there’s a sacred trust in being asked to vouch for another’s character. I believe a letter of recommendation neatly ties into a single format validation, respect, and ultimate belief...ALWAYS xo💌 d  

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