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Warriors Are Strong Like an Anvil...

It’s never easy to talk about death and dying. The loss of the physical manifestation of a soul we love is hard to fathom and even harder to endure. Watching my friend, Nattie, bare the loss of her father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart breaks my heart. A person imagines there are no more tears to cry, until there they fall again. I never knew Nattie’s dad, but Warrior did. It gives me comfort when one of the boys goes there are others waiting with their entrance music cued in heaven. Being at SummerSlam and witnessing the brother and sisterhood so evident made me proud to be a part of WWE and I’m glad it is one home in which Nattie can take solace. Seeing Nattie wear “The Anvil’s” jacket made me smile, my Mattie wears her dad’s Warrior University letterman in the winter. There’s something special about the bond of a dad and his little girl so evident throughout the WWE. There’s a grace amongst those who carry on beyond tragedy. There’s an expectation, too, for people who seemingly, effortlessly persevere. The truth behind closed doors is there’s great effort as well as a choice... ...There’s a decision to carry on that which was precious so others may be inspired by the thing that inspired you, yourself most. I believe in my friend Nattie and her indomitable spirit. I believe she is all heart with the strength of an angel anvil...Always!! xo🖤💗d

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