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Top Ten Things I Learned on Total Warriors Episode Four...

Happy Long Labor Day Weekend, Warriors! As we celebrate the unofficial end of Summer I think back to our first episode of Total Warriors and all we’ve built amongst our Tribe! Hope you kept those Summer Beach Body goals, but if you didn’t...jump back on the wagon and kill it this Fall! Nothing is better than a Halloween costume you slay (am I right ladies ;) or feeling great in Christmas photos and ringing in the New Year! Don’t wait to make resolutions for 2019; resolve NOW to live the way you feel best! If you missed Total Warriors Friday download, listen, and rate on iTunes! When you take a moment to rate the program it helps us grow as well as promote the fact our listenership believe in the product we provide...ALWAYS!!! Top Ten Things I Learned on Total Warriors Episode Four... 10) The Honky Tonk Man remains, to THIS DAY, the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE History! He held that Title for one year, two months and twenty-seven days when he fatefully called out “any challenger”. Like a bolt from Parts Unknown the Ultimate Warrior answered that inaugural SummerSlam challenge. Although UW took the Title in 31 seconds it was an absolute collaboration between two future legends. Warrior never forgot the man who graciously helped launch him into Superstardom. Having the one and only “shake, rattle, and roller” on Total Warriors was my Total Honor. We have bonus footage to release this Fall. THM had stories every fan of wrestling and sports entertainment will love! Dear HTM, you are smooth as molasses, a true southern gentleman, and deserving of a place in HOF for your many contributions and love of the business. I thank you, thank you very much, sir. ;) 9) There are those who wish to hold a grudge or believe dirt but I simply won’t join. The sports entertainment business is a family; and like all families there are skirmishes. The love and camaraderie felt amongst the ranks of men and women traveling up and down the road together is something few can fully comprehend. I don’t like to compare it to a military troop because they are not in the same mortal danger but they are putting their bodies in a war zone nearly EVERY night of the year. As HTM mentioned people get tired and worn; nerves get frayed. It doesn’t matter though, these men and women love one another and when one falls they are incredibly sad. Resist the hubris of EVER posting comments such as “Warrior would roll in his grave...” out of ignorance. When I see that I honestly feel sadness for a person who is blind to an abiding friendship and forgiveness. Warrior found peace before he passed in the embrace of his WWE family. If I know one thing, I know this: He would want me to help any of his sincere brothers or sisters, who were far more loyal than blood, find that peace and resolution too. I knew my late husband far better than anyone else knew him. Period. I am making a new life and my own legacy, as he would want and demand of me! Still, I NEVER lose sight of what was Ultimate to Warrior. 8) apparently there was a tag team known as The Boulder Brothers. Someone needs to register and trademark that absolute stroke of brilliance. Cha-Ching $$$$ 7)the #InclusionRevolution begins with each and every one of us taking the pledge and signing the petition at to show our support for The Special Olympics and #PlayUnified 6) Paul Wight, The Big Show, becoming a Global Ambassador put smiles on millions of faces around the world. His dedication to Special Olympic Athletes as well as children around the globe makes him a giant for humanity and a global leader too! 5) “if you want to learn something shut up and watch”... This made Big Show laugh when I said it referring to how much I’ve learned from him. This led him to tell our audience he calls me “Redneck Tinkerbell” (which is a slight change from his OG “Country Tinkerbell”...but I’ll not complain..when Warrior went from Dingo to Ultimate good things happened...) Just sayin’ LOL! :) 4) Some of the nastiest characters have the most sincere and sweetest hearts. 3) Alexa Bliss is a true Champion with or without the belt slung over her shoulder. This pixie sized phenom might become better known as the woman who led the charge to count out bullying or pin it one, two, three. Talking honestly about bullying and the way it torments others opens a door to understanding. Hearing Lexi Champion the underdog and shine a light on what so many of us have faced is an inspiration. It’s no wonder our #Revolution became #Evolution ...there are so many brave women, with absolute body positivity, leading the way. 2) I’m the luckiest lady working alongside my best pal and Partner in Crime, Stove. The pay might be lousy but we depend on our laughter as currency and belief as a building block. There is nothing good ol Uncle Appliance wouldn’t do for we three Warrior Girls and not a thing we wouldn’t do for him in return. Friends are the family you choose. 1) The tribe of #TotalWarriors keeps expanding and it is an absolute THRILL!! The number of people willing to jump in and help support from WWE blows my mind. Thank you to the incredible team at WWE HQ, CT who believe in the project and are advocating for the program in tangible ways! Thank you to my guests...The One, The Only...The Honky Tonk Man!! The inspiration and Champion of #InclusionRevolution VP of Marketing Special Olympics International, Mellisa Saddler. Newest Global Ambassador for Special Olympics and Superstar in EVERY area of life, my friend, Paul Wight, or as Chris Jericho addresses him, “First name ‘The’, middle name ‘Big’, last name ‘Show’...”...and littlest perhaps, but never last OR least...little Miss Bliss, Slayer of bullies, advocate for children, and example to all, good DOES triumph in the end. I Believe in the top ten things I learned but I know the “oneiest” one thing deep down in my soul... The tribe of #TOTALWARRIORS , who’ve made this podcast a success, are the ones I will thank and believe in most affectionately...Always!!! xoxoxo💗d If you missed Total Warriors download now on iTunes listen and rate to join the #UltimateTribe!! 

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