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Warriors Write the Stories...

#GoldilocksAndTheGummyBears As a writer I’ve always seen life as a story. The best books contain struggle, strife, love, loss, perseverance, honor, integrity; juxtaposed with a mighty fall and epic rise. There are mountains to climb, falls that scar, and moments of triumph that ring in your ears. No one, NOT ONE PERSON, is immune from suffering. Everyone’s story has tragedy and pain. As thinking human beings, with compassionate hearts, it serves us to remember another’s story while we are busy writing our OWN. Always be mindful of the stories we leave about ourselves. They will be carried for the good or the bad. There will be those too lazy to write for themselves and thus tell false tales about you. Who cares?...Those are the book critics of life who failed to be relevant on reliable merit. Do not elevate their silliness to the platform you’re privileged to serve. I’ve met a lot of wonderful new people as of late. Characters in my story and best selling authors of their own. The common theme for all who aspire is struggle, perseverance, achievement, and the essential element to true benevolence; a desire to give something back. Observing story after story and asking question after question I keep reading in others something that uplifts me: positive people can be unbelievably positive when they choose positivity. In my life, peppered with adversity, I’ve never been a quitter. Ever. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve paid dues, I’ve written words and I’ve erased them to write something entirely new. I’m nobody special, I’m just like anyone else...if I can write different books in my single life; so can anyone else... So can you. If you’ve gotten off track today is a great day to get back on. If you’ve erred admit it. If you’ve injured another with your word or deed; fix it. If you are mean; stop it. You are writing a story every single person will read. Write something you’ll be proud to go down in history. I believe there’s pride in authorship. I believe stories are the most important thing collected in life. I believe you can leave a story of yourself with every interaction, no matter how small. I believe the richest people count their stories, not their dollars...Always!! xo🐻👱🏻‍♀️🐻🐻💗d  

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