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Warriors Know All Lumps Aren’t Sugar..

People credit me with being constantly positive but I feel I should correct this perception. I consistently CHOOSE to be upbeat but I too have moments of despair. Sometimes I feel the weight of life in overwhelming ways. I don’t want an image on Instagram or message I tweet to paint an incomplete or unrealistic canvas. In sharing my life with you Warriors I’ve only ever wanted to encourage and inspire faith in your OWN strength. Life is an education. It’s not “easy” for anyone even though there are those who make it look effortless. As I’ve gotten older and faced trials I’ve sought wisdom. In every challenge I’ve asked myself the lesson my soul is meant to learn. I’ve started to believe my spirit agreed to every heartbreak ahead of this lifetime to improve my ability to serve and teach. When I was in Seattle and Portland with my WWE family And Komen tribe I started to truly understand my mission. The lumps I’ve taken, while not always sweet, prepared me to understand a vast audience of the universe I’m blessed to reach. I was humiliated and bullied in my teen years to prepare my adult self to advocate for marginalized voices and help them sing (Go Purple October 18 to stand against bullying and beside our LGBTQ youth on #SpiritDay !) My body dysmorphia and eating disorder helped me champion women who don’t feel whole and call them truly BEAUTIFUL. I know the loss of Warrior instructs me how to help others move through devastation in their lives. My mere mortal self might not have agreed to the challenges I face but the best part of me; the self that dwells in the more ethereal realm, always reminds me to look up when I’m feeling down; forward rather than glancing behind. As my trip to the Pacific Northwest was concluding and I was packing it in to head back to the desert southwest I was visited by some angel pals. Rusev stopped by hair and makeup (keep beautifying the world #WWEGlamSquad) and simply said, “Thank you for all you do” which truly made my (Rusev) Day!! Heading to my car through the docks a face greeted me larger than life, which in truth, he will forever be... Warrior looked on from the truck making me believe I was endorsed from beyond and his gods, on high, had truly blessed my mission. I believe there’s no use looking back. Nothing is alive there; the past is a graveyard. The only direction of living is in front of you..move forward. Worry not...I believe the angels have your back... Always! xo😇d #godwinks #alwaysbelieve 

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