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Warriors Aren’t Afraid of the Dark...

There’s a perception instilled in us from a very early age that there’s much to be feared in the absence of light. I’ve found this isn’t true. I’ve learned as much, or more, from the dark parts of my life. I’ve learned that in the stark view of duality we miss the shades of gray between black and white. Preparing to take part at WWE’s Evolution I became more and more introspective. Knowing we were crossing a bridge from “first ever” to commonplace was cause for celebration. What was shiny and bright in Long Island on the day of our event was born from a muddy fight, bellies on the ground, in the weeds for many years. What came to light was conceived in the dark. One could not have existed without the other. When we are in a time of darkness we must remember, it too, is a time of growth. I’m not suggesting we become complacent in an unlit cave. I’m simply saying we could not inhale the star’s shine were it not for the night sky. The sun’s warmth is less poetic without the kiss of winter’s frost. Loss, disappointment, sadness, betrayal, hurt, all have a way of strengthening us as evolving souls in ways bright white emotions simply cannot. When Mayhem died I cried for a week. I’ve not, in nearly five years, allowed myself to cry that much. I have felt a responsibility to prove myself “strong”. My daughters are now nearly 16 and 18, they have seen my strength; they do not fear my tears. As such, I let the dam break. I swore I’d not love anything again because the pain of losing is far too great. I made an oath to stay in a dark and angry place; my arms crossed across my chest and a permanent scowl on my face. Want to know something? I couldn’t make it last. The sunrise always miraculously paints the sky. My other dog, Mox, looking so forlorn without her constant companion of nearly eight years, required my light. Two of my dearest friends got engaged, asked me to stand for them at their wedding, and shined the warmth of their belief in happily ever after...their excitement was like spring’s warmth on one’s back when snowflakes magically make that metamorphosis into cherry blossoms. Dark is not the flip side of light; it is a is the is the roundness and fullness of a circle. It is good. I believe in the dark before the dawn. I believe in the night sky ahead of day break. I believe in the faith it takes to step forward in pitch black believing there will be light to greet you...Always! xo🖤d  

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