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Warriors Believe...

The holiday season seems to come faster each year. It feels as though I blink my eyes and a year has flown by marked with important milestones. I welcome Sagittarius season since we three Warrior Girls all happily celebrate birthdays, the solstice, and Christmas. 

As of December first I have decorated the house and tree. Colorful, twinkly, lights greet our neighbors and friends outside. Our courtyard is lit to spotlight kids toys reminding me of nostalgic stories and Christmases past. There’s far less hustle and bustle now that I have teenagers who BOTH DRIVE. I am no longer tethered to unceasing Nutcracker rehearsals or baking for classroom parties. “All is calm, All is bright”, comes to mind. What I realize is I stressed myself, unnecessarily, when the girls were younger. In hopes of making this time of year, “perfect” I didn’t always remember, by definition, it simply is. I’m here to remind all you Warriors to breathe into the season rather than holding your breath until it is over. The holidays are hard for those who have lost great loves. I’m here to encourage you they get better; but you must choose to let them. Life is too short and too long to wrap one’s self in eternal grief. Grief is a season to be weathered not a state in which to perpetually live. Find joy; or at least allow it to seek and find YOU. Giving is the best part of this season. Thoughtfulness for the needs of others is the greatest gift you give your soul. Google local groups who need your help. Bring brightly colored blankets to a homeless shelter, gently used towels to your veterinarian for sick animals in need, find organizations delivering gifts to children and be Santa, honor our military, buy a winter coat for a child. Give. It’ll feed your soul and help generate the meaningful spirit this season is meant to create. If you are reading these words I’m talking to you...give of yourself because there is a person in need of what only you have to give. There is great and gentle magic in the holiday season. It doesn’t have to be over the top and full blown to be enjoyed; although it can be if that’s your flavor of choice. As an adult you get to choose how the holiday season looks in your home. Create a new look if the old one is outmoded, outdated, or “un-serving”. Just because it’s what you’ve “always done” doesn’t mean you’re required to continue to do it. If you want change or if you are required to change identify the “change” as growth. All things growing are expanding and expansion is good; especially if it is kindness in your heart. The best gift you can give anyone is thoughtfulness this season. Genuine thought to their specific life is a treasure most never receive. Give to the genuine givers, the ones who rarely receive...give not empty promises...deliver in word and deed. Don’t “give” a promise of tomorrow, deliver in real time today! If you are financially spent do not increase your debt expand your thoughtfulness. It is lazy to say, “I’m broke”...more people than you know are. Send a beautiful, handwritten note of love and appreciation. At the end of our lives what will matter isn’t the extravagant gifts but rather the hearts that loved us enough to wish us the world. Warriors Believe in the sincerity of this season and the simplicity of its beauty...Always! Season’s Greetings with love, ❄️💙🕯⭐️🥳 🥂🎁💚❤️🎄🕊 xo♐️d 

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