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Welcome Warriors to the campfire!

Welcome Warriors to the campfire! Warrior would have loved that idea...all kinds of ooowwey gooey treats. The smell of s'mores and hot chocolate (he would never eat but I do)...and the idea that we, the storytellers, he gifted with his legacy would sit around and figure out ways to keep his lore alive.

I'm not sure where to start on this very first blog because it could go half a trillion ways. There are so many ideas that run through my head every day and there is always a heavy responsibility in delivering to you, his legion of warriors, something valuable, something imbued with his brand of magic. I'm a little overwhelmed when I think of how he tasked us as storytellers to carry the tale forward because as a writer I can tell his story, but as his wife, in many ways, it's my story too. I think the best thing I can do is just be honest with you the way he always was. The first honest statement I can make is obvious...I'm not and never will be him. Somewhere I wrote and later spoke of how hard pulling together his costumes for axxcess at Wrestlemania 31 was for me. You could smell him alive in those pieces and I cried the entire time I packed them up to send. I told Mark Carano how I put my little feet in his giant boots and how it occurred to me I could stand in his boots but never fill his shoes. Today I still know that to be true. I have my own shoes to fill though. They are usually five inch heels and often shades of sparkly pink but they are kick ass shoes too. They are different kick ass shoes but they are tough and they have integrity and they will run circles around phonies with their honesty and authenticity. My journey is about impeccability in the way I carry the next chapter of my story... a story that is forever tied to his story, and if you are so inclined I would love to share the unwritten chapters with my fellow warriors. I will pick up my pink pen and write with all the passion he did. I will pull back the painted mask and share even more about who Warrior was in his life and how he lived the philosophy he taught every single day he drew breath.

One thing I will tell you is for all his intensity he got a kick out of my silliness. If we all become friends you will know me for my daily desire to laugh. I dish it out but I can take a rib too. In fact I adore it. I love to tease and be teased. I love wit and irony. I laugh loudly at a joke even when I'm the punchline. Life is often very hard for all of us so good humor is a tool to grab hold of to make it through. It was also an important device I used to diffuse a tiny bit of Warrior's intensity so he didn't toss T-N-T into this lovely campfire we are all circling. His brand of intensity was inspiring no doubt but even The Ultimate Warrior needs a soft place to fall so in his ultra masculine world I was his giggle and splash of pink.

At this site we want to build you a base camp. We will post his videos, his words, pictures, philosophy. Some things you've seen before, other things will be new as I uncover them. All of his teachings will be our foundation. I plan to build my own road too with my goal being to helpothers through life transitions being it grief like I've experienced or just the challenges of being a Warrior in this world. None of us get through this life unscathed so we need to reach a hand forward and reach a hand back for our tribe. We Warriors are a tribe and I am honored to be amongst you.

I'm really excited to learn from you too. One of the coolest things about being at the book signing in Brooklyn and meeting the legion of warriors was talking to you about your lives. Some of you told me about what Ultimate Warrior meant to you, some Warrior the man, some told me about his matches they loved, while others told me about The Attitude Era and matches they loved at that time...Then there were those who told me if following the girls' and my journey after we lost him and drew strength from how we handled it for their own losses and struggles. You all are indeed storytellers and hearing yours not only inspired me but filled me with joy. I smiled the entire three and a half hours of the signing but once you all left I put my hands on my husband's statue and cried. Not only for the loss of him but for what I gained...and that is all of you. I remember each of you who came to see me at Powerhouse and count you as not only his warriors but mine. I meant it when I said his spirit lives in each and every person who calls themselves a warrior. Now it is up to us to take that gift to the next level.

Finally all you warriors have to know I give ultimate, neon colored thanks to my tag team partner in keeping Warrior's legacy alive. Steve Wilton is the practical reason I was able to keep in communication with all of you. He is the behind the scenes guy who works 18 hours a day to make certain we stay on the unwavering run to the ring. He was a brother to my husband. He has become a trusted co-creator in the design of painting my husband's legacy into the future but most importantly he has become a dear and trusted friend to me and a constant source of stability and comfort for my warrior girls which is the gift for which I'm most grateful. I always prided myself in being the girl who put up the ring in my house but he's taken on so much so I've never had to stand in the arena alone. Thank you, pal.

So campers, here we sit. On the precipice of something exciting and great. A year from now we will look back at this launch and see how far we've journeyed from the original site of exploration. For the first a long time...I am really looking forward to the chapters I'm charged with writing and for the road that lies ahead. Here's to filling our OWN shoes and pointing them in the direction of awesome adventure.

I believe in pink hiking boots and you warriors....Always. xo Dana

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