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Warrior Women are the Future!

I won't lie Warriors, I cried watching Bayley and Sasha battle it out in their Iron Man match, main event, Wednesday on NXT Takeover. If you didn't watch it you really should. I felt proud of these two young women showing such fierce athleticism and excellence in their sport.

I'm not pretending to be an expert in wrestling but I know what inspires me and as Indy, Mattie, and I sat glued to the laptop cheering both these women I felt proud of the road they are carving for themselves and paving for the future. Sasha and Bayley reminded me of the greats of yester years with their bright colored gear and twinkle in their eyes but their style and athletic attack seemed brand new and 5D!

When we were in Brooklyn one of you Warriors told me about Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels and how much you loved their Iron Man match. I had the honor of witnessing those two at WrestleMania 12 when Warrior returned to the WWE in 1996 to face Triple H. My girls love the technicians of today so I put some of those suggested matches on for them and seeing Sasha and Bayley in the ring certainly squared up! They created a match that was dynamic to watch, full of tricks and technique all the while creating emotion. What other sport offers this?...with the added benefit of glitter, I dare say (ha ha eye roll accepted from all you tough Warriors out there ;)....

I'll tell you this, I felt so good to let my girls see these exemplary athletes compete. They are fit young women with beautiful physiques that are hard earned and paid for only in sweat equity. They are really lovely to look at yes, but a sweetness comes from their eyes the innocence of a dream being realized but not yet fully believed. They didn't dial in a single move during that long fought match, they were too busy loving what it was they were doing and leaving it all in the mat for us fans. I couldn't help but see a little UW, a little Randy Savage, a little Dusty, a little Piper...but 2.0... The next generation, all power packaged in those warrior women. I mean it when I say my husband would have said "HELL YES!" to Sasha and Bayley and encouraged our girls to take a page from their awesome play book!

I'm proud to watch NXT and let my girls be screaming fans. I felt immense pride when Warrior's statue was unveiled in their ring at AXXESS before Hall Of Fame in San Jose and truly delighted to meet the insanely gifted roster of talent who were generous enough to share it with us Warrior Girls. I was humbled but mightily touched because my husband championed the new stars and cheered the up and comers. It makes sense he would have been welcome in their ring...he would have been their greatest fans.

What an honor it must have been for Bayley and Sasha to have Lita, Stephanie, Becky, and Charlotte ringside cheering them on. I can tell you our adobe home rattled too. I can imagine countless houses out there pulsed in equal measure around the world because those young women inspired a new generation of girls to always believe women can do anything!!...There I go again, getting all choked up because that main event Iron Man match marked a milestone in this wonderful sport. It set a bar for what is to come and sitting there witness to the mix of Sasha and Bayley's excellence of craft, love of the opportunity they've been given, the obvious hard work they've put forth and that intangible humility that carries the greats to the top I feel immense pride and deep gratitude. Pride in these women who fight like mad to make their dreams a reality and gratitude I can point to such beautiful examples of what is indeed tough in a world of pretenders!!

I believe girls can do anything. I believe boys are awesome too! I believe there is a new generation of possibilities we are just now bringing into focus. I believe in the warrior women and the warrior men who will rise up to an entirely new level of ULTIMATE greatness...ALWAYS!

xo Dana

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