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Warriors Know it Never Doesn't Matter...

One of the things I learned from Warrior was impeccability. This is a pretty freaking rigid standard and one I'm continually striving to achieve. I think the reason my husband was indeed The Ultimate Warrior was he strove, with every breath, to embody the moniker. Never was a name better suited to properly attire a man. For the length of our life together I never saw him waiver from his quest to live up to the terms he placed upon himself. Additionally he held those lofty goals as our family creed. That was a pretty amazing training ground for a life of spectacular achievement but it proved equally preparatory for the moment life pulled the rug out from under me and I made a dive for the duvet as a parachute. For all of Warrior's successes he had many barriers to overcome and challenges to meet and defeat. Never from his earliest years was life an easy slide. I think people imagine a good attitude "some of the time" and work ethic until "frustration sets in" is enough...I wish it were, that would make life a lot easier, but it is not. Every single morning we have to show up with our work boots on ready to knock the hell out of the day. We are human and our moods will fluctuate but more hours out of the day we must believe where we find ourselves is exactly where we need to be. If we want better we will have to work harder to make that true. Sometimes the hardest thing to accept is what we are currently accepting. If it is beneath what we are willing to create in our lives there is room for expansion in our fields. Right off the top we can forget anybody handing us something and make it a point of pride to earn what we want in our lives for ourselves. Sweat equity pays greater dividends anyway. Pay no mind to the "no's" you receive, how many opportunities you think should have been yours, keep slugging, keep scrapping, keep being so exemplary at the end of one day you create for yourself the life you imagined...then the next day make it even better. Warrior did that in his portrayal of UW. The character grew more colorful, more physically impressive, more polished with every refinement. Outside of the ring he did that too in our family life and his business endeavors. He was a man who always wanted to stretch his mind and body to its vast capacity and of anybody I've ever known did it most energetically. Sometimes it is a real challenge to grieve him while trying to match his expected standard of goal setting and attainment of those set goals. A challenge I rise to meet daily because that's what we Warriors do. I often wish the word grief could be replaced by something less benign. Grief sounds so placid. It is anything but. Grief is savage. It is barbaric. Grief endeavors to rip out your throat and tear your soft belly away. Glad I'm a Warrior Woman, a scrapper in every sense of the word because I do not just preach to you hard fought positivity...I endeavor to embody it every day. I push away the negativity with brute force the way my husband taught me and rise daily to topple the grief with gratitude for the beautiful life I shared with my husband and the gifts he left behind as a sacred responsibility for me to share. Realize today you are far greater than any stumbling blocks you face. The more tragic, the more overwhelming, the more hopeless, the greater the victory! As a Warrior you must continue to rise up daily to meet the battles, plucking doubt like a weed! You are great just in your being, made greater with your desire to be better. You know that every single thing you do counts for the life you live and never do you get, as a Warrior, the pass of saying, "it doesn't matter". On our path lackluster is not a passing grade. I believe all of us gathered here have assigned ourselves the benchmark of impeccability. I believe no matter the challenge we are well equipped to not only face it but bring it to heed. I believe we must remember every aspect of our character will matter and so we do the work with an eye on the impeccable standard and impassioned intensity...Always. xo Dana [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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