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Warriors Love a Ghost Story...

With Halloween this week I thought I needed to dim the lights and tell you a slightly spooky story. For me it was a beautiful story but it did give me chills too. Ever since we moved to Santa Fe from Scottsdale Warrior and I would "argue" about turning on the heat in this big, adobe house. He wanted to do it the first second we felt the tiniest chill, I said no way, heat goes on Halloween Night, no sooner. I would tell him to put on a hoodie and some socks if need be. He'd roll his eyes and head for the thermostats. Then I'd bring out my winning argument..."but honey, it's tradition..". Needless to say he would oddly follow my childhood tradition of first firing up the furnace after trick-o-treating. (We also eat pumpkin pie for breakfast on turkey day but we will tackle that in November). We have had a lot of chilling rain this Fall in NM so the house stayed damp and cold forcing me to consider turning on the heat a little early. The girls protested the way I once did with Warrior calling up tradition and how we could throw on our Uggs and a sweater (*note, excellent training AKA brainwashing). I agreed because in one part of my mind I also feel succumbing to the cold too soon makes for one heck of a long winter and so we all agreed, barring snow, we'd just add an extra blanket. Every night I tuck the girls in, kiss them goodnight, check all the doors, and shut down all the lights. I crawled in bed ready to get a good night's sleep until at 2:00 AM I hear the unmistakable sound of the boiler turning on. We remodeled an old historic adobe with its original floors, windows, doors, and radiators. I have never felt a more pleasant heat than these radiators. They are each on different zones throughout the house so you must turn on a thermostat in at least one room to get the furnace burning. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen where the sound of it working was unmistakable. I then went room to room, zone to zone, thermostat to thermostat to make sure they were all off. None had been turned on. I made it through the house to the other side where the girls rooms are nestled and as I neared they were warm as toast. I laughed to myself that they had broken down and turned on the heat but as I checked both of their zone thermostats they remained in the off position. I put my hands on their radiators and there was no doubt they were the only ones throughout the house expelling heat. I then laughed to myself, shaking my head as I went back to bed then quietly spoke to Warrior, "gee thanks, honey, you couldn't even turn on my zone to warm our room" and not a voice outside me, but an impression in my heart said, "how could I do that to you, it would break tradition". I legit laughed out loud in that dark, chilled room but felt warm as the pumpkin pie I bake every thanksgiving morning. He might be gone, but he still comes around, still makes me laugh, still makes sure his daughters are safe and warm in their beds. I believe in these ULTIMATE ghost stories and feel the power of tradition... ALWAYS! xo👻🎃


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