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Warriors know even in the darkest days the light will indeed return.

Please let me thank you all for the birthday and holiday love so freely given. I appreciate you Warriors more than words can express. I know most celebrities say they have the best fans but I know better. My husband's were the ULTIMATE because he did not see them as fans, he knew they were his team. He loved you until he drew his last breath and now I know he loves you from another place full of light. I believe with everything in me that we can all call upon him in times of darkness and he will give of his Warrior spirit so we may persevere. It's one more angel in heaven that is just a little more of an ass kicker than most. I'm pretty sure the creator of the universe likes his technicolor style and brute force although he might've had to clean up his mouth a bit 😉. The greatest part about you Warriors out there is your OWN positivity. One of my friends, Angelica, had joined us at Facebook and said what a pleasure and inspiration it is to read through your posts. She mentioned how negative social media can be and how truly different it is amongst us Warriors. I loved that!! I remember seeing something unkind and untrue on the Internet once and getting upset. Warrior asked what was wrong and I told him and the thing that shocked me was how hard he laughed!! He said,"Ahhhhh, Dana, I feel sorry for the guy. Once the Warriors get a hold of him they will feed on him down to the bone marrow.". I didn't get it then but I do now...all of you were the light in my darkness. I feel the girls and I are so protected by you. I feel your love and encouragement all the time. It was very evident over this month of December so please accept my heartfelt thanks.

We are approaching 2016 and I have many missions in my pocket to complete. I want to continue to move forward my husband's legacy in a way that fits his life. His message is as timeless as any great philosopher which speaks volumes for the life he lived. Warrior was a self made man from the humblest start. His tenacity and belief in self toppled enormous obstacles and inspired millions of people to be better. This can live on in books, animation, and movie projects. I am so proud he gave us all the title of Warriors and an assignment to blow through the ceiling with our rocket fuel intensity. We will bring this into 2016!!!

We all fall prey to the darkness sometimes, myself included. What is important though is to not let it settle in too long. One thing I fought against and I recognize in others I reach out to is a fear of getting better is equal to forgetting the love. It is not. Let me say that again. Moving forward and reclaiming the light in your life is not the same as forgetting, it is actually required respect for this life you've been given. When my birthday was approaching I decided to celebrate it for real. I'm a party planning kind of girl but I have not celebrated my birthday in any significant way since I turned twenty one. This year I did as a launch to this next chapter in my life and it was glorious. I felt him, he was there...and I know he approved.

In April it will be two years since we lost Warrior and many of our lives have twisted and turned. I'm so glad to have had you on this journey with me. You are a beacon of what is good and guiding and pure. How could I not keep my head up and run hard down the path my husband has forged. How could I abandon his trail so hard carved and abort our mission? I have recognized as I've moved in the direction of a pinpoint of light his spilling of blood. I have seen his traces of sweat fueled by his unique intensity and unparalleled passion... Through the suffocating darkness I did indeed see a light..and it was all of you...all along.

I believe we have things to do in2016, Team Warrior! I believe in the New Year and its promise....ALWAYS!

AB xo Dana

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