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Warriors know sometimes you have to come from the place of F-it...

If you find swearing too course maybe don't read this post. Not because it is going to be laced with profanity, it will not be, but because I am going to make a case I once argued against and that is sometimes there's no more powerful words than F-it!!!

Warrior had a colorful tongue. Sometimes his combination of curse words left me speechless. Sometimes I would try to argue he was too intelligent for profanity and that with the unlimited word choices he could easily make more elevated selections. He would laugh, shake his head, and say,"F-no.". I would point to the girls and their sweet, innocent voices that sometimes mimicked his words. Indy at two yelling from her back car seat "jackasshole" (a mashup of his curse selections) when I stopped short of a collision with a foolish driver or Mattie repeating an insult he threw at me while rounding a corner heading to the mud room thinking he was out of earshot. Mattie's clear as a bell voice declaring, "He called you a dumb sh*#!". I know I should be all appalled by this but it actually makes me laugh. Hard. People fight in their lives together and I was probably indeed being what he was just an easy fight to win once those words were parroted by my three year old, angel faced daughter.

It is not that I think we need to have gutter mouth in the least. In fact, I think what my husband was teaching me was there is a Warrior mindset that sometimes has to come from a place of F-it, and I've learned when that mindset must be employed.

Your entire life is preparing you to be great even if it feels the opposite. I would have never been prepared for this stage of my life had Warrior and I not had the litigation we did with Titan. At the time I was so overwhelmed with the grand scale of our lawsuit I was sleepless. I became laser focused on knowing the ins and outs of what we faced and how to best be prepared that I actually considered going to law school. I became so well versed on intellectual property and legal nuances in business as well as personal dealings it was Warrior University indeed. That graduate level education in such a do or die situation was actually my training ground for overseeing his legacy in a way I could not have had I never been challenged. Sometimes I am underestimated in dealings after I lost him but those folks are soon brought up to speed that I'm no JV player...and on Team Warrior we are undefeated. It doesn't hurt WWE has had my back at every turn. They are a far better ally than adversary but I kid you not I know what I know because we battled the best.

This confidence has been hard won with blood spilled and tears shed but I OWN it now. It comes from making the right choices or correcting wrong ones. It comes from a belief in the Warrior philosophy and often from the place of F-it...especially when I am really, really scared.

I think God gives you glimpses into your future, impressions of important themes of your life, and dreams both waking and sleeping that are important. One morning when Warrior was sitting at our kitchen counter as I made his breakfast he told me with tears in his eyes of this dream he had of Mattigan. He said, "Pooch, Mattie was all grown up, I saw her...she was so incredibly beautiful..she was at a track and it was an important felt like the Olympics or something and she was looking at me with her big brown eyes and even though she is grown I see my baby and she says to me,'Daddy, I'm really, really scared.' "....this was where Warrior got choked up but I can see him and hear him clear as day..he said, "and I looked at Mattie and said, "if you aren't scared Mattigan you don't care enough to do this so scared is good. You need come from a place of F*#k it, F*#k it, F*#k it, F*#k it."...then he looked at me and said..."and Dana, our girl was so stunningly beautiful and she looked at me so fiercely and said 'ok, daddy, I will.'".

I didn't know then that he'd never see Mattie get big. I didn't know then that he was giving me a message to deliver to his daughter's future self but I am so glad that gift was given to me to pass on to Indiana...and all you Warriors.

You are going to encounter things in this life that really scare you. It might be a race like Warrior saw Mattie running in his dream, it might be auditioning for the feeder school of New York City Ballet the way Indy did in Phoenix recently, it might be that the life you planned for yourself was torn apart and all you can see on the vista is the wreckage of the future. I implore you Warriors, at this juncture tie on your arm bands tight and come from that primal place that refuses to fail. I understand now how empowering that place truly is and that it does not use ruffley words that are proper with tea and comes from a place of F'it just like my husband said.

Warrior's life is such an epic example of living from a place of principals that never waiver. His life illustrates so clearly that nobody is given a free ride and that the more that comes against you the stronger you have to fight. In his professional and personal life he demonstrated such a desire to be the best I find it humbling. He was a man who longed to learn and educate himself to pass knowledge to you Warriors and his family. My girls have such gumption and gusto and I truly credit the man I was lucky enough to call my husband. He supplied them with enough belief in self to propel them into amazing lives. I know that message was meant to be shared with you faithful Warriors too, because he recognized your collective excellence and your OWN extraordinary destiny!

I believe dreams are meant to be realized...Goals achieved... Passions followed... Lives made legendary. I believe there is a part of Warrior's wisdom left behind that requires we dig deep when our back is against the wall and with a snarl and snort scream F' we smash all fears and live in the reality of our greatness...




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