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Warriors Believe in Ultimate Timing....

My husband was restless. Warrior was an impatient man. It was a good thing because it was part and parcel to his package of intensity but it was sometimes hard to corral. He wanted to do it NOW,...all of it!..with very little breathing and even less sleep. One of the things I brought to our relationship was the perspective of "Ultimate Timing" and the fact no matter your strength, passion, or persistence, if it wasn't in the order of divine timing you were out of luck.

I'm not a patient woman. Please do not misunderstand. I am an energizer bunny, hit the ground running, let's get this moving, kind of girl but I also know my verve must line up with a greater force's vision. What I continue to do every day is show up and say, "I am ready as I can be as this day begins, use me to do good...". Some days things just fall into place and I feel the hum of the engine propelling me forward. Some days I feel stuck in the mud in a monster truck with my wheels spewing wet dirt! I get impatience. I hate the phrase, "we gotta walk before we can run" but I do take a breath and know that ultimate timing will carry me further than my 113 pound brute force!

Let's use Warrior's HOF induction and return at WM and Raw as an illustration. There were many years he was asked to be a part but things never perfectly aligned...until they did. There was a genuine trust rebuilt, friendship forged between HHH and Warrior and the ultimate reconciliation between the company and him. It happened exactly as it should have in the perfect crowning moment as his days drew to a close. I know we all wish it had happened earlier so he could have enjoyed it longer, basked in the glory a little more but being at his side I would tell you other than the days our girls were born those were his best of a great life lived.

It is only after a storyline is complete, on the other side of an arc that we look back and see the divine hand and accept what it was we traversed. Wouldn't it be easier in the middle of it all to rest easier knowing as long as we were running our race ultimate timing would be the wind that blew us over the finish line the last few yards? There's a certain amount of trust we are required to have in a happy life and I would implore you to trust your skills will be observed, applauded, and celebrated at just the right moment. This is not a "give up" or "lose steam" kind of is actually the Ultimate Always Believe moment.

Even if you can't see how things are going to turn out your way you've got to believe they will, it is only a matter of time. I had to give Indy this talk last week when she did not get into SAB (the feeder school to New York City Ballet and only avenue to get in and dance there.). We traveled to Phoenix, she auditioned among a classroom of fabulous dancers among whom she was the youngest. She did her thing and a week later she was told no. There are thousands who audition and this year she was not among those chosen. Did she cry? Yes. For long? No. Why? Because she understands as I am telling you, just like Siri reroutes you if the road changes course she will one day get a yes, it'll just have to be the proper timing. The reroute? Audition for San Francisco Ballet AND return to Anaheim Ballet where the most caring, loving, TOUGH teachers reside to give her a reboot and clean up whatever kept her out this year. Rejection is not a denial of your dream; it is a honing of your skills and the testing ground for how bad you want it!

My friend said of Indy's experience it was a "window peeking moment". How poetic and true! Sometimes we can get frustrated, discouraged, defeated because they are asked to wait. I understand an impatient spirit. I get the desire to get on with your dreams in the NOW, not down the road but I'm going to ask you to rethink it. What if all the sweat equity prepares you for your dream and then MORE! What if your destiny is so freaking enormous this training ground was required so you wouldn't show up short? What if any delay is only due to the necessity of one more tool sharpened and then your tool box becomes ultimate? Do the work! DO THE WORK and then in the perfect timing the dream will be yours forever.

I believe in vigilance, hard work, and gumption. I believe too in a little patience...with these values in tandem I believe in ultimate timing all the dreams you dreamed will belong to you today and for....ALWAYS!!


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