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Warriors know they need to make it home....

I am on the plane returning from Stamford, CT as I write. We post on Mondays so this will be days later but I hope to capture the wonderful anticipation I feel now. I am thrilled with things we have in the works for you Warriors and ultimately excited to expand my husband's legacy... and just maybe show off a little of what I have in my own pink gear bag.👛

Traveling to HQ is always a thrill for me. Seeing the WWE sign on the enormous building in the distance makes me smile. There is always such a warm reception by the incredible behind the scenes superstars it feels like Christmas. I, like Warrior, love the people most who make it all happen.

When I walked through the door into the lobby the first thing I saw was Warrior standing to welcome me home. I wanted to hug that big statue because for me it's size alone feels familiar. I couldn't help but get a picture with him and marvel at the bronze that is forever. I knew he was my good luck charm and the rest of the day could hold nothing but favor.

Sitting in the beautiful boardroom with a great team of people and having the chance to talk with Steph and Paul was a treat. It is all top secret Warriors, but we have plans in the works I cannot wait to share with YOU!!! The preservation of Warrior's legacy is such a beautiful part of what they are doing and I anxiously await the offshoots we have in development.

The day was wonderful and flew as fast as Warrior's run to the ring. I felt sad to leave a place that feels so much like home. What a comfort to know my husband had resolved all that he had before he passed and he too felt the power of his ultimate homecoming.

I had to get up at four this morning to get on a plane in time to pick those Warrior Girls up from school. This was the first time I have gone away since he died. I put on my dress and coat (and mismatched shoes! One navy one black!!! #sotired #wwepals:) and strolled my pink suitcase down to the car waiting. A wonderful gentleman was driving and we began to talk. He told me of his life after coming here from the Dominican Republic and his seven children all of whom he loved with a father's pure delight. He has big boys, all athletes, tall strapping young men...boys who can handle themselves. He wanted to get pizzas for his entire family on a special day so they ordered, parked the car and picked them up excited to get home and celebrate. Before he could move his legally parked car somebody double parked their's and left them stranded until he came back half hour later. When this thoughtless fool returned he wasn't contrite for his rudeness, instead he wanted to instigate trouble. He flipped off the man and his boys and tried to get a scuffle started. My driver told of his 6'4 boy going to open the door to confront the man and how he, at 5'11, stopped his angry boy with just a hand on his arm. He said, "No son, today we don't fight. We are going home. Mommy is waiting for us at home. She is expecting us to walk through the door. We do not know if he has a weapon and Mommy would get a call we are all dead. We are expected at home. We are going home."...

I almost cried at his wisdom. I'm a scrapper, I believe in fighting. I fight hard and ferociously if not physically then in word but what he said was right...sometimes it is more important to make it home than fight and never walk through your own front door again.

I'm so glad, Warriors, that there was no fight left with WWE and Warrior made it home. I feel so blessed that big, grown, tough men did as these young boys did and decided not to fight. I'm filled with joy over the fact my husband's legacy will continue for generations to come because he made the choice to simply go home...where all of you were waiting.

I believe there are moments to fight like hell and bloody a nose. I believe you stand up when principal is on the line. I believe more deeply now though there are moments not to fight and simply remember getting home is ultimate destination...Always!


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