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Warriors know they need more good souls in their lives....

The two things I'm most grateful for in my life are my daughters and my friends. I have never had the quality friendships I do now because in losing Warrior I evolved as a person and became a better friend myself. I also learned to receive, something I was unable to do before the loss. The simple act of receiving allows balance and reciprocity in a true friendship. Now I know, without a doubt, the friends I have in my life would go to the mat for me any given second and I would return the favor off the highest turnbuckle.

Recently my dear friend Anna was recounting the funeral of her beloved fiancé. She spoke in such vivid language I felt I was standing beside her, holding her hand. She said, "As I stood there looking at Les I could only think to myself, I need more good souls in my life....". I knew exactly what she meant. When you see the life force of one you love so much extinguished you long to find that essence on the face of another breathing being.

Anna and I have a special bond. We met in the craziest way when things went sideways with one of the girls at school and a meeting was set for resolution. I will not mince words...I'm a scary bitch when you mess with my kids so I was locked and loaded with UW theme music in my head. All softness returned when I opened the door and laid eyes on this wisp of a woman. Anna is the tiniest thing (who can polish off a plate of nachos and drink you under the table, but I digress..) with wisdom etched on her delicate features and real soul permeating her eyes. I knew this meeting would go well because Anna was obviously of the Warrior Woman ilk and though we might disagree we would rationally resolve. A ways into the meeting I said something alluding to Warrior dying and she said she knew something of personal loss and that was when she introduced me to the man she loves, Les. From that moment forward we were fast friends and established Widow Wednesday where we go out, have a drink and dinner. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we do both but now we laugh more than we cry. It has been so therapeutic for us both to have somebody to look at, boil it down, and say "OMG, this sucks!..this isn't fair..why?...and now what???!!". That's when we pick ourselves up dust the gravel from our skinned knees and usually laugh..loudly...then Anna eats all the nachos.

What Anna didn't realize is she is that good soul in my life along with my group of beloved friends. When Warrior was alive we rarely socialized and only had a handful of friends. Since I lost him that part of my life has expanded immensely. I have welcomed wonderful new souls into my life and the lives of the girls and we have been richly rewarded with the blessings these friendships bring. I have met so many truly good souls after the loss of his ultimate soul that I wake happy with a really full heart. You Warriors are all such incredibly good, kind, encouraging, and KICK ASS souls... I sometimes sit in awe of the gift of YOU!

If you feel lonely out there I would encourage you to implore the universe, as Anna did, for more good souls in your life. Do not associate with those who drain you...good souls only uplift and inspire. Good souls are pure light and truth. Look for them, they are there, even if rare. There are more of them out there than you might guess. Open your eyes and heart to the possibility of pure souls that will keep you company on what can be a lonely journey in this life. It is not weakness, but rather Ultimate strength, to open your life to more good souls.

I believe we are building a web of Warriors, like his colorful tassels, tying us into closer connection. I believe although we must face challenges and tests on our OWN a Warrior embraces more good souls to cheer LOUDLY on the quest to fulfil our destiny...Always!!


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