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I wish I could paint a picture of how different I was two years ago anticipating Warrior's induction into Hall of Fame and attending our first WrestleMania! I'm not even the same woman. I mean I'm still a warrior woman and I bleed warrior blood but I've grown into someone I'm not sure my husband would even recognize. I was so nervous to walk into the world my husband once inhabited wanting very much to be accepted by you Warriors. I knew you'd fall madly in love with our girls but you all mattered so much to Warrior I hoped you'd think me a worthy choice. Your approval was like a family at first Christmas and WrestleMania was that proving ground.

WrestleMania weekend was heaven for us all. The girls and I were so proud of Warrior and felt energized by all of you. It was electric how you welcomed him home and weather you were in NOLA or watching from home he Felt Your Power intensely. These past two years as this time has rolled back around I've felt a great deal of anticipation and joy. I think for me this annual weekend will always recall the best of his life and his real excitement to reemerge in the wrestling world. I feel his spirit as this time nears more strongly. I sense his whisper in my ear that it is necessary to move his legacy down the road so the running the man did will indeed live forever.

We will be in Dallas and there WILL be the Warrior Award. The recipient is top secret but I am absolutely thrilled with who has been chosen. The girls and I will be at all the events so I hope with all my heart you will say hello so I can thank you in person for your ongoing support. For those Warriors too far away there will be plenty to watch on the WWE network and we will inundate you with photos on social media. You will not believe how much the girls have grown and maybe how I've grown in my own way...stepping into the destiny written in the stars for me.

I'd love to hear your favorite WrestleMania memories and see pictures of a time you held as important to that wonderful era. The girls and I decided to go back to Warrior's first Mania and watch his matches going forward until we leave. He was such an electric and vibrant character but never more so than the night Indy and Mattie walked him out to take his rightful place in the Hall of Fame. What a perfect moment.

Can't wait to see you Warriors! Stay tuned for exciting new plans and announcements! I bought an absolutely beautiful gown...can you guess what color? So excited to throw on some boots and rope a worthy Warrior Award recipient in Dallas, Texas! Waiting for WrestleMania is in many ways like waiting for Christmas in our house!! The countdown has begun!!

Ya'll join us & Always Believe xo 💕Dana

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