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Warriors Know Family...

I have the cutest stories and memories from WrestleMania 32. My favorite this year is of Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. Seeing everyone at an event like this is really an incredible reunion. Since Warrior reconciled with so many right before his passing these have been easy friendships to forge. Scott Hall always goes out of his way to say hello, hug us and check on the girls. This year we got to know Sean too and he is just such a warm and lovely man. At WrestleMania we were all back stage sitting at the table in catering catching up and Scott was commenting on how much the girls had grown up in the years since we lost Warrior. It seemed like this year they turned into young ladies before our eyes and he was mentioning this. I do not worry because they have good heads on their shoulders and have truly been raised to be warrior ladies who know their worth and how to maintain a moral compass. I have always told them to know boys are not a goal and that they are "expensive" (never cheap) so they should conduct themselves as such. Still, I observed the smile that spread across Indy's face when Scott told her how protected she and Mattie were within the WWE family and the brotherhood of the boys. The two were quietly talking and I was enjoying their banter. Scott said to Indy, "I wonder what your dad would think of how much you've grown up...I remember you walking him out and you were just little girls.". We all nodded and reminisced and then he said, "well...when you are here, and wherever you go you are safe, you are with family...we will watch out for you have uncles here you haven't even met yet.". I looked at Indy and a softness crossed her face and melted into her doe eyes. My heart felt so full knowing she had really heard him and believed him. We lost Warrior but he left us in good hands. My girls have many Uncles and Aunties AND a legion of WARRIORS who are our Ultimate Family.

A lot is made of family and if you have a stellar one count yourself incredibly blessed but if you do not...make yourself one! That is what I've woven together for the girls and myself and may I say it's freaking AWESOME! Our friends have adopted us into their families and have us for holidays, call, text, check on us constantly. I avoid loneliness by surrounding myself with the most fabulous, quirky, funny, supportive, and diverse crew! I built that! I didn't wait around or feel sorry for myself or the girls. I let people in and kept the ones with true intentions, showing anybody without them quickly to the door. You can do that at any time in your life, Warriors. If you are alone, let somebody in. This life is too hard to face without a family. You get to choose those members that make it ultimate FOR YOU!!

The night after WRESTLEMANIA as we climbed into bed Indy said to me, "Mommy, meeting Sean and talking to Scott was my favorite part of today. They are such sweet men...and did you hear what he said to me? That I have Uncles I've not even met here yet.". Her voice sounded so young again, the edge of grief subsided somehow...imagine that Mr. Hall took a razor to a little girls pain and made her believe...she was safe and in her extended family.

Now that is power I can feel! That is family I can believe in...ALWAYS !


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