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Warriors Shake the Ropes in Their OWN Lives...

For the last two years since Warrior died I have held tight to a thought...he shook the ropes one last time before he passed. I cannot tell you what that has meant to me. It's like a smooth stone in my pocket. Shaking the ropes literally and figuratively were the cornerstone qualities of his life so to have that on film is precious to me.

Getting back from WM32 made me aware of that again. Speaking at HOF was a true honor and I realized I shook my own ropes by doing it. The Warriors in the audience were louder than anybody else and the energy you poured forth in person or over the globe was electrifying. I understood completely in that moment why he would say, "SPEAK TO ME WARRIORS!". There's not a collective group of more awesome individuals than all of you!

I did have the chance to speak to Sting and he was wonderful. He met the girls and told them funny stories about their dad. It was cute because he started describing their dad's weird food combinations like they wouldn't know and they started speaking along with him "yep, pancakes with eggs ON THEM with syrup over....". Yuck! They knew because they watched their mother die a thousand deaths as he tortured the food I prepared ;)

I thought it was lovely he spoke of Warrior and credited his intensity with getting him where he stood. That kind of humility and display of a humble spirit is something I hold in high esteem.

After the event we told him he was wonderful and further spoke to he and his lovely wife at WM. I didn't think to get a picture which I regret now that you Warriors have asked.

I think he held himself with great dignity and his retirement announcement was done with such grace. It's special to see a person trace a career with an upward trajectory and maintain their moral standard all the way through. He deserved his place in the 2016 class :) and our family appreciated his tip of the hat to the rope shaker he started out with.

It won't be long before Mattie makes that run to the ring. She's so cool to goto the gym with and train. Indy was even inspired to ask about commentary after her ballet career. I love how they love the business. Whatever they choose as they draw near to their destinies and close in on their dreams I know they will shake their own ropes. Warrior often said he did the rope shake to draw power from his Warriors and I know now standing before you that is true!

I believe in shaking the ropes and feeling your OWN power as well as the power he sends us back from Parts Unknown...ALWAYS!


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