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Warriors are Ageless...

I feel like stopping my blog at that statement. It stands alone. It says everything I wish to say. As Warriors we gain wisdom but we do not age the way others do. We do not crumble, deteriorate or give up. We guard our youthful spirit all the while growing our maturity of thinking and mind. We keep our bodies young, accepting time might shift certain parts but we can choose always to fight and gorilla press gravity.

Getting back to the gym after Warrior passed was daunting at first. The gym was so much him it felt overwhelming to return to his sacred space. If he taught us Warriors one thing though, it was our physical was required priority and to neglect it was blasphemy. The most poignant, surreal memory I have as I said my final goodbye to his body in the hospital bed was putting my head on his still stomach and thinking I could feel his six pack abs pressed against my cheek. Weird thoughts cross your mind...fragments really under grave stress...but I remember exactly how they felt and how hard he worked to keep his body the best it could be at any age.

Today I do not care what decade you find yourself is time to reclaim your inner ageless Warrior! You must get to the gym, go for a walk or ride your bike with your kids. You must adopt some child like wonder and spark of awe. Throw away your chronological age and adopt an age appropriate for your Ultimate Self! People who say you are 'too old' for anything you wish to do have sadly abandoned the fight for fun in this lifetime..THAT IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM!!! THEIR LIMITED VISION IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! You are free of the confines of such simple thinking by claiming Warrior status!

I believe in being the best you can be at any age...I believe true Warriors are ultimately ageless...



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