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Warriors want to OWN the sky...

As we grow through life we play characters, try on identities. We look in the mirror and say, "yes I think I could see myself in that life with the wardrobe and dialogue that goes with it..." but somehow it is not entirely authentic for us... for one simple is not the person we came here to authentically be. I recently told my dear friend, Anna, that after returning from WM32 life changed in enormous ways. Some truly for the better because of conscious decisions I've made, others for the worse because of all we've lost. One thing I can no longer long for is a small, quiet life. The responsibility of carrying the Warrior legacy forward with you Warriors, for his girls, your kids, and beyond demands I roll big.

Bigger than makes me comfortable.

I've learned it is only in times of great discomfort we actually stretch and grow. I have inspirational quotes on my mirror and one reads ,"just when the caterpillar thought the world had ended it became a butterfly.".

Butterflies don't ask for an inch of the sky, they want it all...So do true Warriors. I am in awe of the skies vast unknown but want to fly regardless.

Only WE Warriors have the potential to clip our hard earned wings.

We fear we will and we won't all at once.

The expansive blue beckons...but what if it swallows us whole....What if we stay on the ground as a small observer instead and lose our chance to ever fly at all?

Warriors are not permitted residency on the ground!! Warriors are required to Fly!!

I believe we are growing by leaps and bounds...I believe Warriors OWN the sky and are destined to rocket ship into Parts Unknown...Always!


Warrior Girl Makeup/Photography Domonique Anaya

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