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Warriors Endure...

I love words. I love words so much they chase me. I love words more than I love most human beings. They rattle around in my mind until I put them on paper like orphans I give a home.

The word "endure" recently struck me. A friend used it in a conversation we were having and I had to write it in sharpie on my wrist. That word whispered to me at night and demanded consideration during the day. Endure. Endure. Endure. Then it struck me...endure is such a warrior word.

We have all been tested in life. We have all been clocked upside the head, spun out, lost our footing, fell flat on our faces and yet we make a choice to get up, square up to the assailant and endure. Enduring doesn't always mean putting ones proverbial fists up in battle. To endure is actually to be forced to often inactively wait for the chance to fight...the opportunity to battle...the moment to surge. As a Warrior I understand this endurance is the most frustrating test to face, and yet we must. Sometimes the battle before us is the test of our endurance in preparation for the life we are destined to ultimately live.

I have said this before but it bares repeating. The toughest battles I endured alongside my husband taught me the skills I needed for what I was ultimately charged to face. I would have come up short had I not been tried and tested in very real ways for years by his side. I did not know then I would need to endure what we did to endure the new life I am in but every step of those tests readied me for where I am and every challenge I am facing now is readying me so I have ammunition in my arsenal for what is coming next.

Sometimes we must fasten on a word and use it as our mantra. Sometimes we must realize how powerful our thoughts and words can truly be. Focusing on the positive lessons leads to quickened mastery and heightened endurance. There is no short cut to true preparation. The only way to be ready is to get busy each day with the tests before us. Each day holds its own challenge so it is pointless to look to the next day for its lesson. That lesson has not yet been born. That lesson will depend on how much work you get done today!

I believe Warriors embrace lessons and mastery. I believe the ultimate warrior word is belief...ALWAYS!!!


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