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Warriors Never Lose the War...

I'm sitting on a plane writing this blog with Mattie's braided head against my shoulder sound asleep and Indy across the country following her dream to be a ballerina dancing nine hours a day, six days a week. I am in total contented, rest mode but I understand war. The girls and I have faced many obstacles since we lost our leader...had battles we've won and lost but thankfully, thankfully we will never lose the war. Part of what it means to be a warrior is to accept that battles will be thrust upon you. People often feel sorry for themselves when conflict arises and ask themselves and others, "why me?". I'd ask, why not you? Life is a freaking battleground and you are a warrior. You are developing your own brand of warfare and whatever you are facing breathe easy because you are fully equipped. Life slinging arrows is never's just life, doing what it does...challenging you to grow and adapt. How you receive these often unwelcome challenges is the measure of your tenacity as well as maturity. There is a way to go to war and a way to smile through the battle. There is a way to exemplify your ultimate warrior self to others and remain true to your impeccable, indomitable, and unbeatable spirit. When under siege in any skirmish remember you will win the war. No matter what comes against you or who takes up arms the contest has already been decided in your favor. The highest good is always the victor and living in the glow of your excellence guarantees the outcome your life's trajectory necessitates. Forward march through the muck and believe in your triumph. Good always trumps greed. Talent always outshines treachery. Truth is always the beacon of light and the one thing worth waging war to protect. We live too often in our minds and start wars that are fiction rather than reality. Taking that out of our minds and looking objectively at what lies before us is a map for true victory. Being introspective and self assessing is a tool great warriors carry always. There are moments to fight but not from a place of stubbornness or unchecked pride. I have learned this myself and now have the best group of girlfriends of my life. These warrior women know I will fight alongside them but never against them. If there is even a perception from this close knit tribe that I've wronged them I humble myself without hesitation because without question they would do the same for me. There are things worth fighting about but always more important are the things worth fighting for! We are the army, warriors! We have one another's back! We are loyal to those deserving and let go those who are not. We remember how far we've come and recognize how much further some have to go. We are teachers and mentors. We recognize we do not fight an unarmed opponent. They have not reached the level of our battlefield but are just learning. They will one day reach the place we now inhabit and say...."ah, I didn't know what I couldn't know I understand." and then recall you fondly. In those instances smile knowingly but do not evoke the battle cry. There is no victory as sweet as time worn teaching. Not every battle is won the day it is fought. In all ways warriors you are the teachers, the masters, the students of legendary men and women. Rest assured, you might stumble in battle...but you will never lose the this I believe...ALWAYS! xo❣Dana

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