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Every time I write my Monday blog I have in mind some message I want to impart or a lesson I have learned. My intention every week is to remind each and every one of you how important you are on this planet. The fact you are alive and breathing means YOU have work to do...a difference to make. We human beings are an intricate web, interconnected. At some point in the universe we all collectively touch. Our light impacts the lives of others. No action, no matter how small does not have a ripple effect in the pond of humanity.

I had the great, humbling, honor of meeting many of you Warriors over the last few days. One woman told me how much my words have given her comfort and and made her brave. I went to bed and wept that night with gratitude. I talked to my husband in my mind...thanking him for leaving me in the care of all of YOU.

Your smiles, your cheers, you taking pictures with me, introducing your children and remembering Warrior is something I treasure in and absolutely unquantifiable way. How lucky am I to have the support of the greatest fans in the world? How truly ULTIMATE is it you've extended your love to the girls and me? I'm always conscious of this gift whether I see you in person, read your comments on social media, or just have you follow or like this page or visit our site. The reason, in part, the girls and I have sailed these treacherous waters so well is we have YOU as the wind at our back.

I believe in the legion of Warriors my husband enlisted. I believe in the new ones joining too. I believe in the importance and goodness of every warrior woman and man. I believe it is important to express gratitude and love to those who have carried you...I believe you Warriors are ULTIMATE....Always!!


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