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Warriors are Fearless with Words...

How much fun was it to speak to you WARRIORS! I love the chance to communicate with you through the blogs but to have an interactive, two way conversation was even better! You are such a smart, good humored, wonderful group of people. You are loyal to the core and ready for every possibility. That pumps me up!! Big time!!

One of the themes I wanted to revisit from the podcast was my admiration of those brave enough to be fearless with words! The bravery it takes to put a voice to your hopes, ambitions, heart's desire, and dreams is a powerful motivator in prompting the universe to open doors for what you want. I say this with the caveat that your freedom and fearlessness with words not burden another. That is a balancing act that must be made with great intelligence. While I think professing love to another is bold and important it must be in the realm of possibility that feeling is reciprocated. It is not always fearlessness but rather selfishness that causes words that once spoken cannot be retracted. I've experienced both examples so I am cautioning any of us from using our words haphazardly (or under the influence of Don Julio....Right, dear Anna🙈?).

The fearlessness I am encouraging is the one that puts you on the path of highest purpose for everybody. If it is a romantic profession you must weigh what you bring to the equation but don't overthink it to the degree you paralyze yourself from action!

I was out with friends when a way too young, sweet, super cool guy I know from a place I frequent saw me, sat down, and proceeded to tell me all the ways I was incredible. This young man has no idea who my husband was, only that I'm a widowed, single mom. The words that spilled from his mouth so bravely were not about what I looked like, except in an almost after thought. He fearlessly described how he perceived my entry to his establishment with a huge hello and smile to everybody, how I know their names, look them in their eyes, and seem genuinely interested in how they are. He told me how amazed he was how I always bus my plates and clean up my space ...just all the details of what I consider good manners but what he saw as my character. I won't lie. His fearlessness with kind, sincere words was a tiny bit intoxicating.

Don't get all wide eyed as though I'm about to roll out a new relationship 😂... Nope! What I'm saying is this person is completely incompatible with my life and inappropriate with who I am and what I want for my future and yet I was mesmerized by the explosion of witnessing words. For a minute I thought...why not?

Warriors...I'm asking YOU to be fearless with words to people you admire or with something you want in your life! Be fearless in the pursuit of a dream! Be fearless to ask for an opportunity you've worked to earn. Be fearless, not frugal with praise of another. You might be surprised with the effect you have on another unsuspecting soul.

Cowardice in the face of what you want is laziness. Getting too far in your head to actually show up in effort, action, and word is a recipe for living a stagnant, small life. Warriors fight for what they want! Warriors enter the arena of battle to win the fair maiden (ladies, force those dudes to win you). There is nothing more attractive than a chivalrous man unafraid of the battlefield where words are spilled and love is won.

I believe there is nothing more important than open communication and open hearted giving. I believe there is nothing more toxic to the spirit than withholding genuine emotion that could potentially feed another's soul. I think the battle for happiness is won when a warrior chooses to be shamelessly brave and fearless with words...ALWAYS!!


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