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Little Warriors Leave Big Legacies...

On November 25th Steve Michalek will get through the day that belonged to Connor's birth. These milestones are so rough, especially in conjunction with the holiday season. In my heart I feel Connor forever tied to my husband. Steve accepting in Connor's name the inaugural Warrior Award makes him family to me. I am fiercely loyal and protective of our Warrior Clan. I want desperately to help move everyone I care about forward and mend heartbreak; piecing together what's been shattered. I can never do this for Steve but have tried to be, at least, a loving friend.

In trying to conjure something small to help Steve through this week I thought we could collectively remember his son.  In doing this we all remember our angels in heaven too. One way to honor the legacy Steve's little warrior leaves behind is contributing to eradicate pediatric brain and spinal cancer so others do not have to fight the war Connor so heroically waged.

We have special limited Ultimate Warrior teeshirts available at 100% of the money after costs will be donated in Connor's memory on Friday. You can also donate directly to Connor's Cure at

I believe when you hurt, helping others helps heal YOU too. I believe little warriors leave big legacies. I believe every little bit from us big Warriors helps. I believe in remembering those we loved and lost with ULTIMATE ACTION...Always!

xo💛 Dana  

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